Gestalt-Therapy was founded by the psychoanalyst Frederick (Fritz) Perls in the 1940s and is one of a group of humanist psychotherapies. 

The goal of Gestalt-Therapy is to improve the client's awareness of their current life situation and their needs as well as support the physical, spiritual and mental integration of the person with their environment.

The emphasis here is on the client's individual experiencing of the 'here and now' and their feelings and associated behavior in the moment. Understanding and interpretation of experience is paramount in working with a client.

A person's awareness of their reality can be further increased via active experimentation. Risks can be taken within a safe therapeutic setting and new ways of behaving and reacting experimented with so as to increase the individual's repertoire of behaviors and individual experience.

Gestalt-Therapy is oriented towards the methodical use of dialogue and experimentation - alongside typical Gestalt-Therapy techniques, therapists have a limitless variety of methods at their disposal as well as the capacity to develop situations for experimentation. Such techniques can easily be combined with other methods such as Cranio-Sacral-Work.

Alongside psychotherapy, Gestalt-Therapy has become well established in a variety of professional spheres and also in pedagogy. Consequently, Gestalt-Therapy is incorporated as an extension to my Energetic Bodywork.