I work as a holistic-oriented Bodywork Therapist, Non-medical Practitioner and Educationist, and it is through my work that I would like to have a healing effect on my clients on the physical, psychic and spiritual levels.

With this in mind I have spent the last few years training in the physiotherapeutic field (bones, muscles, joints), i.e. Cranio Sacral Osteopathy, as well as in the psychotherapeutic field (the emotional level) i.e. Gestalt-Therapy. With my background as a former Sexuality Educator I have concentrated on developing further my awareness of (male) sexual energy. This has lead to diverse training in Energetic Bodywork. I also have a thorough knowledge of spiritual development and growth.


The knowledge and experience I have gained from my training and professional development I have incorporated into Body-Coaching. My work involves three objectives or goals:

Initially I like to bring about effect on balancing tension on a physical and muscular level as well as on a psychic and emotional level.
As a result, the prerequisites for a more conscious awareness of the body are created for achieving improved physical centering in everyday life and greater emotional ease.
This in turn is the basis for supporting individual development of identity and potentiality and so CONSCIOUS AWARENESS of the body.


In my Practice I work with people from all walks of life, primarily using manual therapeutic methods such as massage, reflexology and sranio-sacral techniques, combined with psychotherapeutic methods taken from Gestalt-Therapy.


In the last few years a particular emphasis has been established in the area of Body- and Voice-Work with singers and dancers, most especially those working in musical-theatre business. However, this work is not only eminently suitable for musical performers but also indeed for all persons, for whom the use of their voices or bodies, as well as the manner in which they present themselves, is vital to their profession.


My practice is like a living organism that constantly grows and changes, resulting in several new aspects and appoaches that I am incorporating into my work.


One of these new appoaches is Crano-Sacral Treatment in Warm Water, which I developed and which is in particular offered by me.


Another new aspect is the use of Soundhealing through my voice, chimes, Monochord or singing bowls into my sessions.


To find out more about where I completed my training and with whom, please make your way to my Personal Details.

If you have any questions, would like to speak to me in person or to arrange an appointment, please call me (+49/(0)40 - 43 27 47 32) or send an email.