Life Force Energy, Breath of Life, Orgon, Chi, Ki -
are only a few of the names by which energy is called in various cultures;
Meridians, Chakras, Hara, Aura, Energy Field –
are terms to describe the vessels in which this energy is found or through which it flows either into or through the body.

Everyone knows if there is enough energy in the body or not, and everyone wants it to be there, flowing in abundance. But no one can actually say what exactly this thing is that flows through us, that we describe as 'energy'
- not even I, though I have examined this question intensely throughout the course of the varied educational and training programs which I have absolved.

Yet regardless of its definition, there are various techniques and possibilities available for positively influencing the flow of energy, among which I include a conscious centring in the lower pelvic area, an open and flexible muscular system, as well as deep and free respiration.

Reaching these states and helping the client to experience them consciously is an important, central aspect of my work.
Along with diverse exercises from the various fields of energetic bodywork the use of
Cranio Sacral Osteopathy techniques are particularly important achieving these goals.