Cranio-Sacral Osteopathy was developed at the beginning of the 20th Century in the USA by Dr. William Sutherland, working in the area of Osteopathy. Specific gentle techniques are employed in working with the primary bone system (skull, spine, sacrum), the associated muscles and the deep tissue as well as with 'Cranial Wave', the pulse of the fluid of the brain and spinal cord (liquor).

Alongside the breathing-rhythm and the rhythm of the heart, the cranial wave is another autonomous rhythm of the body. It is the subtlest of these three rhythms and is with us for our entire live.

The Cranial Wave is generated in the brain's cells and travels via a system of membranes from the skull (cranium) via the spine down to the sacrum, giving rise to the term "Cranio-Sacral-Work". However, we need experience, to exercise and to use our intuition to be able to sense it.

The Cranial Wave is closely connected to other organs and muscles of the body via the nerves of the brain and the spine and as a result it has an influence on the body as a whole. The quality of this wave gives us an indication of any tension and blocks in the structure and energy fields of the body. Any possible imbalance can lead to a variety of physical as well as psychosomatic problems.

Treatment is especially helpful for dealing with tension in the neck, back and pelvic area, for headache and infections of the breathing passages as well as for general exhaustion and symptoms associated with (psychosomatic) stress. Treatment is also helpful for the ability of the central nervous system to regenerate and for balancing out activity in both halves of the brain leading to increased centering within the body, increased muscular flexibility and an increase to the fundamental energetic potential of the entire body as well as an increase to the body's immune defense mechanisms and emotional resilience.