Body-Coaching is Postural Work.
It is the focal point of my work and a blending of the primary components of my education and specialised training.
At the centre lie techniques from 
Cranio Sacral Osteopathy combined with therapeutic aspects of Gestalt-Therapy as well as specialised knowledge drawn from my experience in Energetic Bodywork.
The word 'Postural' refers both to physical posture, the body's structure as it were, as well as the 'inner posture', one's state of mind and emotion, the inner structure of a person. Both levels of posture are intertwined and influence one another inextricably.

The cells of our body have a limitless ability to remember.
Similar to the hard drive on your computer, the cells store throughout our entire body all our emotional experiences and physical injuries. We often sense and feel these experiences and injuries much later as tension and strain in our muscles.

Similar to a computer virus, negative experiences are reactivated in stressful situations or moments of anxiety, constricting our breathing and our muscles and as a result effecting our ability to move effectively, effecting our means of self-expression or, for example, affecting the sound of our voice when we sing or speak. As a result, there may be feelings of anxiety and failure that manifest on a physical and mental level and leave us unable to move freely. The more we lose the ability to move naturally and freely, or the more we control and attempt to suppress such movement, the more others see us as lifeless and stiff.

Using specific techniques of Cranio Sacral Osteopathy, tension and blocks can effectively be treated and the flow of energy between the brain and the body be placed in balance. Such treatment helps us to achieve a higher level of acceptance and calm.

As opposed to physiotherapy or massage where individual muscles or joints are treated, Cranio-Sacral-Work treats the primary bone system (skull, spine, sacrum) and the associated muscles as a whole. This does not just have an effect on the fundamental structure of the body but also involves changes to our basic emotional patterns and to our energies.

I use a Gestalt-Therapy approach to create greater awareness in the experiencing of the body and its reactions and to integrate this understanding as well as to experiment with new ways of being.

Drawn from Energetic Bodywork I also use several simple centering exercises to help to find and experience one's own center or balance, to connect with this and to draw on its strength, vitality and energy so that in times of stress there is not a feeling of completely losing one's footing but of remaining present and aware.